Goldswan Takeover

We took over this job due to the previous fitters not being able to walk the walk after talking the talk.

The customer had to tell them to leave because she could see things were not quite right.

She wasn’t wrong – the list was endless, absolute zero prep and very poor quality finish throughout.

We struck a deal with the client to finish both rooms but it was clear we’d have to start again.

The only thing that was salvageable was the bath and even this was damaged by a falling tile!

I’m not going to name this company out of respect for the client as she is in legal proceedings. But they are a local company and this is the second time in the last 6 months that we have picked up the pieces.

We turned both rooms round in just over two weeks and the customer was very grateful.

She was very patient living with bathrooms that were not even usuable for nearly a year.

People don’t deserve this so PLEASE PLEASE do your research.

If a company are doing gardens and fencing one week then bathrooms and kitchens the next, they are not usually a good fitter in one certain area.