Totally unique and beautiful finish

A fantastic and ageless browns and creams colourway with feature floor and amazing artwork for a totally unique and beautiful finish.

What a bathtub!

A beautiful feature, it is calling you to relax.

We did this project over Christmas 2019.

Gorgeous basin

This neat little basin and unit fitted so well with this job.

Great grey colourway and appreciated by my duckie!

Basin unit 2

Elite bathrooms

We are so proud of some of the rooms we have helped to create over the last few months.

Do you want an amazing transformation? Speak to Goldswan!


Rescue job to complete transformation

Flip back around a year ago we completed this transformation.

We were one of the last companies to submit a quotation on this and in all honesty we did not expect the job as some of the ideas that had been suggested by other tradesmen were woeful.

We stepped back to reality and convinced the customers to have a bath put back even though they hardly use it and wanted just a shower.

Low and behold they’ve now had a young baby and the bath has its use daily again.

The before and after photos are miles apart.


These tiles are very popular fitting them 5 or 6 times now.